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About the Office

Rockville Centre Pediatrics, LLP






General information

Rockville Centre Pediatrics is a general pediatric practice providing complete medical care for infants, children, and adolescents. Our patients range from birth to early 20’s. We try to emphasize preventive medicine and provide anticipatory guidance on a variety of safety and behavioral issues. We take pride in the fact that we take time to provide very thorough physical examinations and answer all your questions at each visit.

In addition to well care, we treat a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses. We have particular expertise in the treatment of acute and chronic asthma, most allergies, most dermatologic problems, and a variety of behavioral issues including attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, sleep problems and eating disorders.

Our office environment is warm and nurturing. Our physicians and staff get to know each child as individuals. Our office staff is courteous and friendly. All our physicians are board certified. We stay abreast of and adhere to the latest recommendations and immunization schedules of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We accept most insurance plans and are accepting new patients.


Appointments may be made by speaking to our office staff during regular office hours.

For convenience, messages left on our answering machine before or after office hours about appointments will be returned when the office opens in the morning.

Appointments are made in an effort to minimize waiting time with a priority given to more severe illnesses and injuries. We strive to see patients at their scheduled appointment time.

For your convenience, we attempt to contact you one to two days prior to a scheduled well visit as a reminder.


Well care visits

Newborn babies born at any of our affiliated hospitals will be seen within the first twenty-four hours of life. The baby will be examined by one of our doctors who will answer all questions about the baby and help to educate (or refresh your knowledge) on the care of your baby. You and your baby will be seen on a daily basis until discharge. We are supportive of you in however way you choose to feed your baby. We are particularly knowledgeable and supportive of breast feeding and available to assist you if you choose to nurse.

New babies are seen in the office approximately two to seven days after hospital discharge (depending on the type of delivery, any potential problems with illness, feeding or jaundice). You will be advised at the time of discharge when you need to make an appointment. Babies born at non-affiliated hospitals are usually seen one to three days after discharge. The baby will be seen back in approximately one week to insure that the baby is gaining weight adequately and to answer any questions that might arise.

If the baby is doing well, the next visit is in approximately two weeks. After that, one month. The first immunizations are given at approximately two months of age. The baby is then seen every two months until six months of age, and every three months until age two years and every six months until age three.

After age three, yearly well visits (around the time of your child’s birthday) are recommended. For convenience, all camp, school, and sports physical forms will be able to be filled out at any time as long as the child has had a well care visit within the last year.

At each well care visit, the child will have a thorough physical examination as well as discussion of nutrition/ feeding, sleep, development, behavior, and school performance. All questions are answered. Immunizations, when necessary, are given by the doctor. Age appropriate anticipatory guidance and safety information are distributed and discussed. If necessary, proper follow-up and referral are arranged.

Problem oriented/sick visits

All children are seen by appointment only.

If a child needs to be seen for an illness or problem, our office staff will assist you. Appointment times are given based on the severity of the illness or injury and your convenience. All patients will be seen with appropriate promptness.

For convenience, advice about treatments of some illnesses is given over the telephone. All advice given by the office staff comes from the doctors. After information is collected by the office staff, one of the doctors review this information. Either the receptionist will call back with this advice, or the doctor will return the call directly. If at any point there is a preference to be seen, or to speak to the doctor directly it is arranged.

To minimize interruptions during office hours, doctors return non-urgent calls around lunchtime and at the end of the day.


Contacting the office after office hours

Our doctors are available to you at all times.

For routine matters it is appropriate to call during office hours.

When the office is closed, our answering machine is activated. This machine is checked every one to two hours until 10:00PM. Messages about illness or other appropriate questions, will be called back at that time.

For urgent calls, we can be paged at any time by calling our answering service at the emergency number provided on our answering machine. Emergency pages are always returned immediately (within 15 minutes).

On Sundays and holidays the answering machine is checked every one to two hours between 8:00am and 10:00pm. For illness, questions and appointments, a message should be left on the answering machine.

We see sick or injured children on Sundays or holidays by appointment if we feel such a visit is warranted. We usually see them around 11:00am.



Our office is conveniently located at 100 North Centre Avenue, Suite 300. Which is located two blocks from the Rockville Centre train station. There is free parking. Click here for directions.